What are the costs to be a player with the VC Baseball Club?

The goal of the program is to provide year-round baseball instruction, competitive play, and preparation for high school at the lowest cost possible. Right now our fees are lower than any other travel program in the area. Contact us for fees and a breakdown of how the fees are used.

Where will games and practices be held?

Practices will be held on the VCLL fields. Scrimmages and non-tournament games are planned to be within a 45 minute drive. Tournament games will be based on tournaments entered, with the goal of being within an hour's drive of VC.

How many tournaments will the teams compete in?

We are currently targeting entering 1 tournament every other month, based on each team's depth and skill level.

How many teams are you planning to field?

Right now we have a JV team and a 7th/8th grade team. Teams will adjust the number of players changes.

What professional skills assistance will be available through the program?

We are currently working with 3 professional baseball players who are serving as coaches and clinicians for the teams. Some come for every practice, some come less often. But services are available to all members of the Valley Center Baseball Club.

How is the playing age of a player determined?

Playing age from now until September 2016 is the age that the player will be on 5/1/2016 (typically).

When might the first tournament be?

We will announce tournament schedules when available.

When are practices?

Currently both teams are practicing together on Mondays/Fridays.

Won't a VC travel ball team take away from the Valley Center Little League?

No. The travel team is being formed in cooperation with VCLL, with the goal of growing and developing both programs together. One example of this is are the periodic baseball clinics that are held throughout the year that are open to all VCLL players.